The major facilities at AEPL

  • Basic Lined Induction Furnaces
  • Sand Plant Equipment
  • Oil-fired Heat Treatment Furnaces with Quenching Facilities
  • Fettling Equipment
  • Qualified Welders for rectification
  • Well equipped Pattern and Storage Shop
  • FARO Portable CMM and Scanner
  • Magma Simulation Software
  • Well equipped Physical Lab with Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Brinell Hardness tester, Radiographic viewer, Microscope, etc.
  • Shot Blasting Machine
  • Well equipped Machine Shop with facilities for turning, boring, milling, plano milling, shaping, drilling and slotting

Weight Range

The following are the machining dimensional capacities

Operation Diameter Length Width Height
Turning Up to 1000 mm  Up to 3000 mm - -
Boring Up to 2500 mm  - - Up to 1700 mm
Plano - Milling - Up to 3000 mm  Up to 1300 mm Up to 500 mm

Manufacturing Processes

Process Single Piece Capacity Annual Production Capacity
Static Castings Up to 5000 kgs 6000 MT